Harnessing the natural machinery of the lysosome

Who we are

Draupnir Bio is a spin out company, from Aarhus University and the Max-Planck Society.

We are establishing ourselves at the forefront of protein degradation. Through our novel, proprietary platform, we are building a broad pipeline of oral small molecule degraders of extracellular pathogenic proteins.

What we do

Targeted protein degradation is an emerging therapeutic modality with the potential to tackle disease-causing proteins that have historically been highly challenging to target with conventional therapies. While proteolysis-targeting chimera (PROTAC) protein degraders have revolutionised the field of targeted protein degradation, it is limited to intracellular disease proteins.

The only small molecule extracellular degrader platform with broad disease applicability

At Draupnir, our differentiated platform technology is enabling the development of protein degraders that target extracellular disease proteins, with potential to target 40% of the human proteome and offering broad disease applicability across multiple areas of unmet therapeutic need.

Meet our team

Our team at Draupnir Bio is driven by a deep commitment to scientific excellence, and by the desire to bring innovative therapies to patients.


Andrew Hotchkiss

Chief Executive Officer

Casper Tind Hansen

Chief Business Officer

Simon Feldbæk

Chief Technology Officer

Camilla Gustafsen

Co-Founder and VP Biology

Simon Glerup

Co-Founder and Chief Scientific Officer


Eva-Lotta Allan

Chair of the Board

Ivan Burkov

Principal at Inkef

Emmanuelle Coutanceau

Partner at Novo Seeds

Simon Glerup

Co-Founder and Chief Scientific Officer

Stefan Luzi

Partner at Gilde Healthcare

Rob Scott

Independent Director

Scientific Advisory Board

Professor Anne Tybjærg Hansen

University of Copenhagen

Professor John Kastelein

University of Amsterdam

Our history

Draupnir Bio is a spin out from Aarhus University and the Max-Planck Society based on the breakthrough scientific findings of Professors Simon Glerup, Camilla Gustafsen, Peder Søndergaard Madsen, and Peter Seeberger.


Draupnir Bio establishes Scientific Advisory Board.


Draupnir Bio establishes Scientific Advisory Board.

Draupnir Bio moves R&D site to INCUBA Skejby


Draupnir Bio expands research operations with new R&D facility at INCUBA research park.


Andrew Hotchkiss joins Draupnir Bio as CEO.



Draupnir Bio funded by a 30 M EUR series A investment by Novo Seeds, Gilde Healthcare Partners, INKEF Capital and High-Tech Gründerfonds.



Seed-stage investment led by Novo Seeds and High-Tech Gründerfonds.



Draupnir Bio founded with investment from founders and grant from the Novo Nordisk Foundation.

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