Targeting heart disease

Targeting heart disease


Every 39 seconds someone dies of a heart attack.


18 million people die of heart disease every year.


7 million people don't meet their target level of blood LDL cholesterol.


80 percent of CVD events still occur despite treatment with standard of care.

Our mission

Transforming the treatment of heart disease.

Our vision

A world where safe and effective treatments for heart disease are accessible, cost-effective, and simple to administer.

Our approach

We are studying how structural elements determine PCSK9 conformation and function, in order to better understand the way PCSK9 interacts with the LDL receptor and its recycling. We are linking these novel insights with PCSK9 genetics, aiming to develop an orally available small molecule modulator of PCSK9.

Scientific publications

PCSK9 was first discovered in 2003, and its role in regulating the recycling of the hepatic LDL receptor validated in 2006. In a 2017 landmark study, Draupnir's scientific founders discovered the structural basis of a new regulatory mechanism underlying the way PCSK9 interacts with the LDL receptor.

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